Dennis Brunssen's Bio

Bassist, Drummer, Percussionist, Vocalist, Producer, Manager, and Arranger, was born and raised in Sioux City, Iowa.


Dennis became a musician at the age of three when his mother noticed his rhythm ability while beating on oatmeal boxes with spoons. He had his first gig at the age of 4, with The Salvation Army Band on the local NBC Television station while playing the snare drum, thus a career was born. During his school days Dennis became proficient on several different instruments, first on trumpet at the age of 10, then the french horn, percussion, tuba, bass drum, snare drum, tympani and his favorite, the bass guitar. He was always a leader with his piers and took charge of the local high school's marching and symphony band productions.

When he was 15 his passion for music became even greater when a group of local friends asked him to join their local combo called "The Boys". The band was tight on and off the stage and always packed the mid-western nightclubs and ballrooms where ever they performed. The same group eventually added a horn section and changed the name to The Magnificent Board of Directors. This group of talented guys had a following in the Midwest that would be hard to rival to this day. Unfortunately, because of a truck accident and a bus wreck in the same month, the group disbanded. The band was inducted into the Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in September of 2001.

It was time for new horizons for Dennis, so he went to Los Angeles and and tried his hand at the movies where he was an extra. Eventually, he went to Las Vegas performed at every lounge on the Strip. Seeing the success of other band leaders in Vegas, Dennis started his own show band called Hot Shot and also booked several other acts in the western U.S. Hot Shot became a club favorite on the the touring circuit as well, from Tokyo to Munich to Sidney, the band toured many different countries from 1988 to 1993. While touring, the band stayed several months in Hawaii and became a house band in Honolulu for one year. In 1993 Hot Shot changed it's name to POWERHOUSE. They were invited to play at Eli's American Grille for one performance. The group was asked to stay on and on and on. POWERHOUSE performed 5 nights a week, 50 weeks a year for nearly 8 years! The band set the standard for music and performance in the Scottsdale area.

A few years ago Dennis retired from the performance area of the business and moved to Hawaii where he became the sound and lighting tech for the Kuhio Beach Hula Show and a D.J. and engineer at Gussie L'Amours Nightclub. Dennis is an expert at creating stunning lighting scenes and can E.Q. a sound system in a matter of minutes. Something he became an expert at in Hawaii as he would also run sound for three to four different shows in one day for all of the local Hawaiian artists. In 2007 he help create the World's First Regularly Scheduled Radio Show While At sea, on KFYI 550 Clear Channel in Phoenix.

In 2010 Dennis Brunssen was inducted into The Arizona Nightclub Performers Hall of Fame. In March of next year he will receive the Distinguished Military Service Award from the Arizona Nightclub Performers Hall of Fame. Also, he is planning another Guinness World Record attempt next year. The World's Largest Rock Band with over 1500 members, and the Most Concerts In 24 Hours in Multiple Cities. He will tour and perform 11 concerts in 11 different cities, in 24 hours. Visit for details.

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